Long Range Plan

CYBER-Alaska Long Range Plan Wiki

This Semester (Spring 2012)

  • Finish Memorandum of Understanding paperwork with district, get official district approval for project.
  • Begin live interactive browser-based firmware programming environment.
  • Begin simple tabletop mobile robot platform: motors, sensors.
  • Begin simple building infrastructure platform: heater, fan, thermistor.
  • Initial HW/SW tests with students in Sandi Ryan’s classroom.
  • Mike & Steven finish Communicating Science course.

This Summer (Summer 2012)

  • Finish software and hardware needed for classrooms in fall.
  • Symposium: train teachers on our technology, and collaboratively hammer out curriculum design for fall.  Tentative date is July 9 through July 20, but this is subject to change.

Next Semester (Fall 2012)

  • First actual classroom run.  Which classrooms?  Larry? Jeremy?  Robyn?  Sandi?


Generally, build out online simulation infrastructure: add detailed mechanical simulation (force, torque, momenta) to mobile robot platform, add fluid heat flow (convection) to building simulation.


  • Deploy mobile robot to larger (dog sized) platform?  Integrate Kinect sensor?
  • Deploy building infrastructure to an actual building?


  • Detailed assessment and lessons learned.
  • Grant ends, February 2015.

Please modify this page with your ideas/comments!  Just hit “edit”!

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