About CYBER-Alaska

The CYBER-Alaska project aims to bring Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), which combine physical systems like robots with detailed software simulations, into Alaska classrooms.  By integrating hardware and software, we can build the future!

We will focus on two main application areas:

  • Mobile robots, such as ground robots and underwater robots, with detailed kinematic models in software.
  • Building infrastructure, such as smart thermostats and sustainable heating, with thermal and fluid circulation models in software.

We started work in earnest in 2012, and the grant will run until 2014.

The project PI is Dr. Seta Bogosyan, of the UAF ECE department.

The co-PI is Dr. Orion Lawlor, of the UAF CS department.

CYBER-Alaska is funded by the National Science Foundation GK12 and CPS programs.  Previous support has been provided by the Alaska Space Grant and Holaday-Parks.

2 thoughts on “About CYBER-Alaska”

  1. hello my name is andrew i am a senior in lake havasu arizona after graduation in july i will take a 2 week trip to alaska while i am in fairbanks, I would like to know if i can stop in and take a look at what your students are creating?
    I am very interested in software design and applying it to robots (having a few my-self).
    please let me know I look forward to visiting!
    thanks, andrew

  2. Dear Andrew:
    Sorry we took so long to respond. You could definitely visit us in our next workshop and you can email me when you come and I will have you meet the team; we would be more than happy to show you around. Till then, thanks for your inquiry and good luck in your senior year.

    Best regards,
    Rex Estrada
    Project Manager CyberAlaska

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